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Earn up to £25.50 per customer you send to us!

If you have a good social media following or maybe you have a website or a network where you think you could promote our galleries then let us pay you 25% of every sale you make!

Our simple affiliate program will provide you with a personalised link that you can share on social media or place on your website / blog. For every person who clicks the link, a cookie will be placed in their browser which will last for exactly 1 year. If a purchase is made by your referral within 1 year, you will earn 25% commission of the sale.

Each gallery is sold at £5. If your customer purchases all 18 galleries, you will earn £22.50. If they purchase only 1 of the galleries you will earn £1.25. Basically you earn £1.25 for each gallery download you sell from our store here

With a 1 year cookie, your customer could purchase 1 download 1 day and come back another day and purchase another gallery. You will earn 25% of every purchase they make on our site, no matter how many times they come back and how many days, weeks or months in-between each purchase. Every person you send to us via your link is your customer.

Payments are made every month to your PayPal account as soon as your balance reaches £20. Please make sure you sign up using your PayPal email as that is where your payments will be sent.

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